Come and join us


We have experienced players at various levels. We’re also keen to encourage those who have played before but might need to dust down their rackets and get back into this enjoyable racket sport.

We welcome interested players to come along for up to three FREE sessions before deciding whether to join. After which a membership form should be completed.

Membership Form (click on link)

It’s great fun and a good way to stay fit as playing badminton uses all the muscles in your body. Did you know that;

  • An hour playing can burn about 450 calories, but it goes by quickly because it is fun
  • Playing regularly helps increase muscle tone especially the arm and back muscles
  • There are great psychological benefits because it promotes physical fitness and helps reduce stress and anxiety
  • Exercise increases endorphins, which are the brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters and has also been found to improve mood and sleep
  • Because badminton is a social activity it is likely to improve your general feeling of well being

So come along, have fun - stay fit and feel better